A player and his family need to devote to hockey a big part of their time and resources. Our most important activity is to represent the player the best possible way and negotiate profitable contracts on his behalf during his professional career. We minimize expenses for players in junior age. We are here to solve their problems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Since the very start of hockey season, we travel thousands of kilometers to see hundreds of players in all age categories, different clubs and national teams across 14 different countries. We countinuously strive to monitor the hockey leagues around the world to provide our clients and clubs with the finest overview of talent available out there, and make the best possible match for the club and the player.


Our top marketing priority is to make sure player´s value is realized by coaches, clubs and national teams. We work with the player on building and improving his public relations and communication skills in regards to media and fans. The most of club managers recognize that players represent important marketing value in their organization next to the brandand reputation of their hockey club.

Vision of Šimurka Hockey Services is carry out maximum of player’s potential.

On this vision is based providing of services in every aspect of players life including contract negotiations, best professional growing of hockey player and comfortable personal life.